Visual Branding

We believe a brand is not just a product. It is a perception that exists in the consumer’s mind with a very high brand recall value. Neospark does extremely well in creating a brand image that engages the heart and minds of the public - a brand that drives and operates as the unifying force directing all functional areas on an ongoing basis.


We build brands that represent the company. Our branding package includes logo, business cards, letter heads, signage, brochure, bill statement, office stationary, advertisements, hoardings, calendar, danglers, billboard etc.

Neospark aims at positive and innovative makeover of today’s publishing scenario, a rebranding of what has been seen or heard of and hence we have been successful in rebranding some of the leading publications of Kerala.

How we go about it

At Neospark, client is the king. It is his pulse that we put into practice. It is his spirit that acts as our motivation. So as a primary step, we do collect all that he knows, feels and reveals about his product, that entire he holds as subject to make his product a successful and sought-after brand especially that one little thing that makes it different and unique from every other of its competitors - its USP.

A proper analysis and study of the existing design is explored, what it has done so far and what it could not do and why. We research, study, think, brain storm, rethink how the design should look like, and why while keeping in mind how different it should be from the earlier one.


We believe that our very life is our work. We are what we do, and when we work for our clients, it is with complete and ardent commitment. Your company becomes our own. We look at you, learn about you, find the positives, negatives, study about your existing resources; know your customer base, workflow and work force. And the results you have achieved and the success you have made so far.

It is here where we start.


To know our clients’ customers is vital. Who they are, what are they looking for and what fascinates them about your product, what makes them happy and satisfied and above all what makes them brand loyal.


We place your product in the present market context by analyzing and comparing its status through an in depth SWOT analysis study conducted by our research team. The outcome and result of the study will help us get a better understanding of your product or services, the shortfalls, the advantages and the threats faced. These findings will equip us to provide a working solution for your product.

In our second stage, we sketch out the design of your success. The designs are born from our research and its findings which will bring out complete and total success package. It will hold within itself the spirit that you as a corporate entity uphold - your vision, mission, effort and commitment.

We kick start from a rough design and pass through several layouts of improvised version, finally zero down to the final and decisive one. Our Layout and Design experts will convert these thoughts into designs which will be presented to the client.

Since we are armed with our skill sets, expertise, and commitment, we pass on the best to our clients. Our client’s satisfaction and happiness is our success. We do regular follow up and with our clients regarding the results and reactions they get from their customers. Internally we meet up in order to learn and share the impact of our design by collecting the information from the end user and from our client as well.