Generously Creative

Neospark, a design studio born out of the dreams of an Information Architect, Brand Consultant and Type Designer A.K.Haridas. Founded in 2006, Chamaleon was his brainchild and primary venture. A maverick, he later founded Neospark in 2013. Every artist has his forte, where he reveals, excels and celebrates himself. Being a rare exception, A.K. Haridas lavishes himself into almost all fields of art-visual branding, creation of typefaces, publicationdesign, product design etc. And so Neospark is into all these with an imaginative and illustrious mind like his in the lead. With an attractive array of clients spread all over the world, Neospark is one of the leading forces in today`s designing industry. A rare specimen of talents form the designers, copywriters and photographers team behind A.K. Haridas.